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I need more food!!! I need more sleep!!!

Day 6 of 30 day Paleo Challenge

This has got to be one of the hardest challenges I have ever done!! I thought it would be easy but oh my gosh!! The first five days I was soooooooo hungry!!! At work I was drinking tons of water to decrease the hunger pains and to stop myself from eating all my food. LOL, that was short lived because once I got home I raided my fridge eating my pre-made meal (boneless porkchop and greens/cabbage), apples, plums, vanilla flavored coconut milk, and two handfuls of sunflower seeds. :( Yes, I’m a shamed but a sista was starving and at least, it was all Paleo :) !! Now it is day six and the feeling of extremely hungry has stopped. My stomach has finally become adjusted to this lifestyle change!! Yay!! But how do I overcome being sleepy? Do I need to go to sleep at 9pm? I can’t I’m too young for that. Do I need to a take naps, like I use to do in my college days? What do I need to do??!!

4 thoughts on “I need more food!!! I need more sleep!!!

  1. It’s going to take time for your sleep to adjust, just as it took time for your stomach to adjust. If you are having problems sleeping, try some melatonin at night. Don’t start with too much or you will wake up extremely groggy.

    Some other sleep hacks: magnesium (Costco has a good one with ZInc and Calcium), black out blinds, tart cherry juice, sweet potato before bed.

    Good luck!

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