The Final Countdown

I hope everyone had a Happy Resurrection \ Happy Easter!!! I had a relaxing resurrection day with my family. This year I made a Paleo sweet potato, apple, and bacon (paleo friendly) hash for the side dish!! I got the recipe from www.mangiapaleo.com . It was so yummy and they loved!!! I’m slowly trying to convert my parents to paleo even if it, takes one dish at a time. My mother even made me an Easter basket, which I was required to leave since the basket was not Paleo friendly. Lol!! She says my body looks amazing and I have come too far to mess up my 30-day challenge.  I love my mommy!! Yes, I am a 27yr old that calls her mom, mommy!! J Also, the last few days have been extremely hectic!! I’ve been working long hours, scheduling extra practices for the volleyball girls that I coach, catching up with former co-workers, working out and focusing on this new life style change (Paleo). Now, I’m back to blogging with only 5 days left to go in my Paleo!!!! I am so excited, to show you guys my body transformation and my before and after physical results!!! I want to tell and show you guys now but I can’t because I have five more days and anything can change within those five days!!! :)


F**K this Sh*T

I have always HATED lifting weights. I didn’t like it in high school nor did I like it in college. I would complain, whine, pout, drag my feet, and try to talk my way out of it until my athletic trainers would call me a cry baby. Smh!! What a shame!! As a former athlete, it was so hard for me to maintain my physic because I was either burned out of working out, had bad eating habits, or I would go to the gym do a whole body workout wanting to prove to myself I still got it and end up being sore the next four days and never go back.. Lol…It’s the truth. I didn’t step foot in a gym for four years after my volleyball career ended, unless it was to play volleyball. I would eat as if I was still had two a days (two workouts in one day) and two weekly competitive games meaning I was eating all day long including tons of yummy junk food (TONS). Not cool!! But the last three years have been an eye opener and I’m looking for that lifestyle change because I am not the same person I once was! I have a different mindset when it comes to working out, getting fit, and staying fit which involves CROSSFIT!!! I love crossfit: lifting weights, body resistance, cardio, and mind over time.  I started crossfit on February 3rd in On-Ramp which is a beginner’s class that teaches you proper technique for all the moves and all the terminology that is associated with crossfit. From there I graduated (lol) to the normal classes which involves doing the WOD (workout of the day). WOD’s will take you to a place called “F**K this SH*T” but then you realize that no one is forcing you do this but yourself. Then you go to this place called “Be better than before” which is an angry/happy place that motivates you to overcome what your body is telling your mind. Man, if you have not tried crossfit please try it you will not regret it!! If you have tried it and didn’t like it because of the gym you were at, please find another gym at http://map.crossfit.com/. All the gyms located on this site are certified. Also, look at the instructors physic on the website and if their physic is nice then they practice what they teach. Lastly, look for one that has beginner classes because you don’t want to be thrown into the fire without a clue of what is going on because that happened to me. I went to a gym and because I was a former athlete, they assumed I could do heavy weight and I had my technique down.  Yeah, right my body was jacked up the next day, all because I had bad technique (no one took the time to correct me) and I was lifting weight that I could not handle (no one cared).  But that did not discourage me; I just found another gym called ATOMIC CROSSFIT (www.atomiccrossfit.com)!!!  If you live in the Sugarland, Stafford, and Missouri City area or anything surrounding this area, please try this gym out!! The coaches are amazballzing! They believe in technique first, then the weight and all the fancy kipping movement.  All the coaches can do all the movements, a major plus!!! They take the time to get to know you and learn your strengths!! Lastly, the crossfitters are all friendly and encouraging!!! I love crossfit and I ♥ Atomic Crossfit!!

FYI: 5:30am class has some amazing athletes and instructors (Adam and Grace) that will push you to your limit!!


Crazy week and a half

It’s Day 13 and I’m feeling great!!!! My body has finally adjusted to the caveman lifestyle (not diet)!! YAY!! Ya’ll have no clue how happy I am that the madness has stopped plaguing my body!! My body and I were going through it!! It was so bad that I had to ease up on the number of times I was going to crossfit. SMH… I was fatigued (oversleeping and rushing to get dressed), weak, having body aches (uncomfortable and unable to sleep in certain positions), having the BG’s every day which isn’t cute (TMI but it’s the truth), and having crazy cravings (eating up everything paleo in my apt). :( I was freaking out until it dawned on me that my body was transitioning from high-carb, low-fat to low-carbs and high-fats. I hope you guys don’t experience what I went through but if you do just sit back and enjoy the bubbly ride!!! :) lol



Sugar Anonymous

Hi, my name is Krystal and I’m a sugar fiend going through detox!! Someone please help me!!! Sour patch kids, butterfingers, snickers with almonds, turtles, airheads, sour straws,  apple fritters (from Starbucks), poppy cocks, hot Cheetos’s, Banana Laffy Taffy, girl scout cookies, chocolate chip pecan oatmeal cookies and chocolate fudge brownies with pecans/walnuts/almonds are currently on my mind!! Just the thought of these sweets is making my mouth salivate :)!!!  Paleo is seriously killing my sugar vibe!! ;) Lol!! I’ve tried to make cookies out of sweet potatoes, coconut flour, & maple….ummmm, can we say nasty!! I’ve tried to make homemade candied ginger out of maple syrup and ginger root. Who knew raw ginger was super spicy!!?? Who knew cooked ginger is still super spicy!!??  It reminded me of a jalapeño covered in maple syrup!!! I definitely lost the urge for something sweet and all the feeling in my mouth after eating that gingered candy!! :( Is there a sweet Paleo treat for a detoxing sugar fen!!!??


“Tempting girl scout cookies (originally Temptation by Destiny Child)”


I know you see me watching you

And I see you watching me

Cuz cookie your box is callin me’

The temptation is killin’ me


I’m chillin on the couch and I’m waiting something sweet

Had my fruit water pop in my hand, turn my head , what did I see

These boxes lookin’ fly, there was one that caught my eye

So I licked my lip, switched my glaze as I stood there

Sayin “Yummy cookies, yall so good

I just might give you a try

I ’ma take you out of the freezer

Oops, I forgot I’m doin Paleo!!


2014-04-01 10.53.32

I need more food!!! I need more sleep!!!

Day 6 of 30 day Paleo Challenge

This has got to be one of the hardest challenges I have ever done!! I thought it would be easy but oh my gosh!! The first five days I was soooooooo hungry!!! At work I was drinking tons of water to decrease the hunger pains and to stop myself from eating all my food. LOL, that was short lived because once I got home I raided my fridge eating my pre-made meal (boneless porkchop and greens/cabbage), apples, plums, vanilla flavored coconut milk, and two handfuls of sunflower seeds. :( Yes, I’m a shamed but a sista was starving and at least, it was all Paleo :) !! Now it is day six and the feeling of extremely hungry has stopped. My stomach has finally become adjusted to this lifestyle change!! Yay!! But how do I overcome being sleepy? Do I need to go to sleep at 9pm? I can’t I’m too young for that. Do I need to a take naps, like I use to do in my college days? What do I need to do??!!

Yabba Dabba Do

Taken at the doctor's office! I'm on the way to a healthier and improved me!!!!

Taken at the doctor’s office! I’m on the way to a healthier and improved me!!!!

Today is Day 1 of my 30 day Paleo Challenge. I started this challenge because I want to see if the Paleo Movement “caveman way of life” will help me improve my bodily fitness.  If it does, I’m going to have my mother give it a try since she has high blood pressure and is on the verge of having Diabetes. So, I got a physical yesterday and bought all organic produce, grass-fed animal meat, coconut oil, almond flour, organic seasonings, and coconut milk, which is an acquired taste, from Whole Food Market. I went organic crazy!!

I found some great recipes on www.paleoplan.com. They are very simple to follow and easy to make!! Everything that I prepared during meal prep tasted delicious!! I made easy pork loin chops, carrot banana muffins (I have a sweet tooth), and sausage stir-fry!!

If you are interested in trying Paleo, the three sites listed below are very informative and will give you further insight:

Lastly, I will post my physical results once they come in!

Hey Y’all

There comes a time in our lives where we want to experience new things, make a change in our lives, or even challenge ourselves to do something that we never thought we could do; however, we lack the faith and motivations in ourselves, or that one thing/person to inspire us!! This blog is here to do just that!! I am looking for people that together we can motivate, inspire, and build that faith in each other!!! I just ask that you join me as I try to break out of my “Taurus” mindset and journey down many paths that I never thought I would in this one life I have been given!